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Get You Some Psychic Dynamite🧨

Do not pray for an easy life, pray for the strength to endure a difficult one (Bruce Lee)

Chidi Afulezi
Chidi Afulezi
3 min read
Get You Some Psychic Dynamite🧨

You ever hear that term sticktoitiveness? There are folks who may think this is about making sure to never leave your bobo or sisi out of sight, to insert trackers into the jewelry gifts you give them. You know that song by The Police—Every Breath You Take?

No. Sharrap. That is not what it means, ya stalker. People are such possessives, I never see.

Sticktoitiveness is defined as "unwavering pertinacity; perseverance". I am more inclined to equate sticktoitiveness with resilience. And let me tell you, there is nothing like resilience.

Check out this young ninja:

This young lady is fire. Not just because of her athletic prowess, but how gangster she is about getting it right. Getting to it. She kept at it, crashed, fell, tripped. And she kept keeping at it. The Japanese saying is Nana korobi, ya oki, or as translated by my sensei Mr. Washington—sometimes known as Denzel—fall seven times, get up eight.

That is some serious psychic dynamite. And don't ever let someone tell you they are resilient, the ones packing that psychic dynamite will never tell you they are packing, they will never say to you "I am resilient." They just do it. You see it in action. When the wahala hits, they are the cool heads. The ones who accept reality, with that uncanny way of improvising given the situation. The ones that bounce back, no going catatonic or into a well of self pity or entitlement (why me??). These are the ones, the gladiators you want to go to battle with.

It is soul crushing when so called badasses who loudly claim and own their badassery crumble and dissolve at the first sign of any wahala.


Let's be one is born with resilience. Resilience is not inherent in anyone, this stuff is forged in the wilderness of struggle and adversity. Mandela didn't become Mandela without 27 years of hardcore psychic dynamite mining. JK Rowling's Harry Potter empire came during a period of abject poverty and depression.

“Everything you want is on the other side of fear—Jack Canfield

Find you some psychic dynamite o. I am telling you, my friend. And surround yourself with people who are packing some serious dynamite. That makes the journey more interesting. That's how we keep going, stare down adversity. Step by step, move by move, action by action. As Seneca the Younger don’t need hope, you don’t need fear either. You just keep going, taking it day by day.

"Ease is a greater threat to progress than hardship"—Denzel Washington

Did I mention Denzel...D is my sensei? No?

D is my sensei.

Let me leave you with one of my most favorite passages that I use liberally in my sessions and workshops. It is a hard hitting set of sentences from Bryce Roberts, a constant reminder to not get comfortable or complacent. To keep packing that psychic dynamite.

Most people want to be fit, most people aren’t.
Most people want to build a successful business, most people won’t.
Most people want to be the best version of themselves, most people aren’t.
Most people have dreams they want to fulfill, most people won’t.
Everyone wants to quit something, build something, be something, do something. Most people won’t.
How many things have we wanted? How many opportunities have we craved? How many broken things have we wanted to fix?
And how many of those have we shrunk from. Hid from. Or, excused away.
We’re not alone.
Most people won’t.
But every once in a while someone puts themselves out there. Makes the leap. Faces rejection or failure or worse. And comes out the other side. Better. Changed. Bolder.
Most people won’t. Which means those that do change everything.

Oya. Get at it.