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I Am Saying What I Am Saying

When the gods wish to punish us, they answer our prayers.

Chidi Afulezi
Chidi Afulezi
4 min read
I Am Saying What I Am Saying
Photo by Daniel Sandvik / Unsplash

Another stream of consciousness drop from me. Just random stuff.

  • One of my favorite t-shirts has "Say Less" emblazoned on it. This past week has put that mantra in full blast, given the passing of QE II. I have opinions about the monarchy, and the British Empire, and Europe. You will not, and ever, find said opinions or anything substantive on social.
  • I remind myself constantly—does this pass the "is this something the world needs to hear from me about" test? 99.999% of the times...nope. Gives the 1% more oomph when I do drop them.
  • But not on freaking social media. Nope. Twitter or Tik Tok or Instagram is not reality, give me people at the dinner table or classroom or the club—their drunk selves won't remember what you said at the club anyways—over faceless followers anytime.
  • September 11, 2001. Twenty one years ago today, watched the second plane hit the tower from my rooftop in Jersey City just across from the Hudson. And then I dressed up and took the PATH train into NYC for work, arriving at 34th Street right after the towers fell. 10 harrowing, terrifying and dusty hours later (including a slow boat ride on the river directly across from rubble/plume of smoke...never forget the sound of the car and building alarms) made it back to my apartment. I still ask myself daily why a plane crashing into a building did not stop me in my tracks, and activate the proper instincts. SMH.
  • If I did stuff just so I could receive gratefulness from the recipients, I would be a very bitter bobo today o. We have to cultivate doing stuff just because it is right, not so you get props or thanks. That way no skin off your back anyways. Why do stuff if you are doing it for the praise? Nah, man. That has a way of darkening the soul.  
  • Denzel saying of the day: Ease is a greater threat to progress, than hardship. Kelenna, are you hearing me? I said: Ease—are you paying attention—is a greater threat to hardship o. If you write a book in the future talking about how your father didn't encourage you, I will show you pepper. Cameroonian pepper. Mixed with Akabanga chili oil.
  • My shots get blocked all the damn time. Getting swatted like tennis balls making contact with Serena's racket, with the requisite Mutombo finger wag. Yet, we keep shooting. And find other creative ways of shooting. What else am I supposed to do, see me see trouble o?
  • I met Uzo Aduba while disembarking in Kigali. Spoke a bit, bonded as Igbo brother and sister. No pics, nothing. I always respect a celebrity's or public figure's space, never ask for pics or autographs or get all excited, learned that during my time in the music industry. And they put their pants on one toe at a time, so. She just came to do her thing, name a gorilla, check out KGL. Well, the universe no gree. At all. Four days later as I waited for my flight back to ATL, in walks in Uzo. Even she was like, "Ok we got to take a picture, something feels right here." She's cool as hell. Even more talented for real.
  • When I hit the wall, I call up this young sensei for counsel and a charge up. And she gets me rejuvenated every time. You should get her on your playlist too...she is worth it, I promise.
  • Fall down seven times, get up eight, damn it!
  • Love this tweet on showing up. Just show the hell up. The rest will come.
  • Client work eh? Listen for those of you who want to start your own consulting firm or ain't all it's cracked up to be o. Don't say Chidi did not tell me, 'cos I am telling you. Clients are crazy. They are...and they know it too. Go in eyes wide open, abeg. Their wahala will always pass wahala.
  • Two quotes I shared with my ALUSB MBAs who graduated in July:
I cannot keep harmony with nature if I go to pieces, every time someone splashes some water on me—Robert Dobbin
When the gods wish to punish us, they answer our prayers—Oscar Wilde
  • That last is why I don't play the lottery. A friend of mine said she can handle winning the $1B PowerBall. Yeah, that's what Elon Musk said.

I'll finish with this thing I wrote about posing. I know, this is the hill I have chose to die on:

At the event, you are posing
At the gym, you are posing,
At the dinner, you are posing
At the conference, you are posing
At the job, you are posing
At the trail, you are posing
At the majestic mountains or beach, you and them are posing


At the event, she is networking, communing, dealing
At the gym, she is building mass, endurance, confidence
At the dinner, he is savoring, enjoying
At the conference, he is connecting, learning
At the job, she is building, creating, solving
At the trail, she is running, sweating, burning
At the majestic mountains or beach, they are absorbing, submitting, decompressing

Posers pose. Doers do.

Enjoy the week.