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Another Batch of UnCalled and UnAsked For Thoughts

Honestly, you should be side-eyeing 👀 the hell out of your phone right now.

Chidi Afulezi
Chidi Afulezi
4 min read
Another Batch of UnCalled and UnAsked For Thoughts
Photo by Matt Botsford / Unsplash

There's so much twirling around in the multiverse and I am just going to jam on the keyboard and see what pops. Indulge me. May or may not give you the key to immortality and complete peace on earth, but hey...if you don't shoot your shot, somebody will shoot you.

I have no idea what the hell that means.

Ok, here goes:

  • Solve at least three puzzles before you touch your phone, look at social media or work in the morning. Get that joy of trying b4 the day starts, juice up the curiosity fuel cells. Don't let the mob in before you are ready o.
  • Is your phone your friend or the enemy? Does it cause your head wahala or does it make your heart warm? Me? I view my phone with aggressive wariness. Almost like it is that fun cousin that's always getting me into trouble and bringing shady strangers and loudmouths to my house. So I don't allow it into the bedroom at night or in the morning. That thing has no boundaries for goodness sakes.
  • Turn off your notifications. Do it. Permanently. Or at least reduce them by 99.9%. And then send me your thank you for saving me I didn't know people lived like this money via WorldRemit. Bitcoin only.
  • Honestly, you should be side-eyeing 👀 the hell out of your phone right now.
  • Fame is seriously overrated. Detrimental to your health even. Excellent advice from Bill Murray, "I always want to say to people who want to be rich and famous: ‘try being rich first.’ See if that doesn’t cover most of it".
  • You want everyone to know your name and no one to know your face~Tim Ferris. A friend had a great counter to this, "But I have a great face." Hey, I am just sharing the quote, it's your face. Do whatever you want.
  • There is recent research that states approximately 75% of people claim they come up with their best ideas when they shower. Makes sense. I know this person who doesn't like taking showers, and their ideas are trash.
  • Ok, that was mean, Chidi. Stop.
  • No.
  • Ok, carry on.
  • Thank you.
  • Ever hear of The Four Agreements? No? Well, neither did I—Be impeccable with your word; don't take anything personally; don't make assumptions; always do your best. Try putting that into practice. Yeah. Kicked my ass too.
  • What is money making you put up with? "The late fashion photographer Bill Cunningham occasionally declined to invoice magazines for his work. When a young upstart asked him why that was, Cunningham's response was epic: 'If you don't take their money, they can't tell you what to do, kid' ." (excerpt From The Daily Stoic).
  • This is why I like to describe myself at this stage of my career as a "ronin": a masterless samurai. As opposed to a Samurai, a member of the Japanese warrior caste, noble and unflinchingly loyal to his immediate superiors. Being a ronin has its drawbacks, but I don't get pushed around a lot. So it be. What are you,—free agent ronin or noble samurai?
  • Who are you calling not noble?
  • Think about the things you are doing. Are they for you, or for other folks? How do they make you feel?
  • The world is aggressively trying to seduce you, buy you, tempt you, and change you. Gotta have a defense ready and charged to protect you from it. One of those defenses is your character. And staying away from shady characters. Like your phone.
  • Find your moment out of the matrix. Yes, this crazy freaking busy life we have created and live, that is us ensconced firmly in the matrix. Every day, find moments outside of the matrix. Take the red pill and grab a walk with no earbuds or phone. Crank up some Burna Boy and boogie unabashedly like Mary J under the influence of Blige. Shoot, put on a trenchcoat and badass your way on these streets like Trinity and Neo.
  • Biko, abeg...get some downtime. Downtime is a time of 1-der: physically (wonder) and mentally (wander). A time to ponder. When's the last time you just sat and pondered? Ponder, please. And if you ponder your way into a stash of Ethereum, holler at your boy so I can partake, pronto.
  • By the way, if you're not a millionaire by now with Bitcoin, ApeCoin, Web3, NFTs, DeFi or the Metaverse, you need to chill. Not too many others are either. Don't go FOMOing at the mouth o. Or the pocket. Eyes wide open. Go and learn and see for yourself.
  • Listen, I am the first to say I don't like drama. But that's a bit of an exaggeration. Drama is good. Drama is right. Drama works. Maybe the goal should be to live a drama-less life, as opposed to a drama free life (if you can guess which part of this paragraph was sampled and remixed from an iconic movie, I will Metamask $100 in Solana to you, right now. No drama.)
  • Being drama less means engaging katakata and wahala bringers/makers with a healthy dose of avoidance, not with hate, suspicion, and paranoia...all which are such a waste of your time. Walking around with your head on a swivel like rabbit in a foxhole only gets you in a neck brace and paying a healthy retainer to your heart and head doctors.
  • Paper is more patient than man. Believe it. Write the snarky email response. Crank up the smart and sassy tweet. Then delete it. Or don't hit send. Actually, I have a folder full of LinkedIn posts, twitter replies and posts, that I didn't post or deleted right after. There is a book in there somewhere, because they are so freaking good.
  • Speaking of posted tweets, love this response to @Naval’s tweet from April 18th, 2022: Your success in life depends on your ability to make good decisions. Your happiness depends on your ability to not care about the outcomes. Gbam!
  • A reply to the reply: Your peace depends on knowing the difference. wa o. I died-ed. That one was a sliding tackle to the system, my friends.
  • The currency for peace is attention. Your most critical resource, combined with time, is attention. Its value is way up in this oversaturated content world, and you best protect it like an oligarch protecting his super yacht. That is why I am wary of my phone, it is an attention and time stealing contraption and walai talai me and that phone have a reckoning coming.
  • You know what needs your attention, though? These tracks:

Alrighty o. Have a wonderful Sunday, people.