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This is the first time I have received a story about you I am amazed at the introverted person the man who fire up the lab room in Rwanda your article touch something inside me and made me feel powerful in some way

This is the best thing I've read this week

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Nada...I know. All that fire and brimstone in Kigali, and this guy talking about he just wants to mind his business and chill out in his hotel room. Thus, the enigma piece, right? I figured this would resonate with you. Make sure to stay up on your IATW dues.

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This is very interesting. Almost unbelievable.

Yet i hear you, i can relate.

I always look forward to the end of the day, to just retreat to my peace, my quiet place of rest.

Thamks for sharing coach Chidi

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I enjoyed spotting the paradox that supports the "an air of mystery' tag. I'll be following your posts in the hope that I can someday unravel the mystery.

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