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Really enjoyed reading this one and can't wait to hear more about the course!

I had quite a few conversations about this with peers and it seems that lot of us in Africa's younger generation are troubled with getting into 'Ronin Mode' and really feeling the pressure to have it all figured out. We're frequently referred to resources (self-help and otherwise) that don't seem to apply to our context. We struggle to find role models that share applicable guides and learnings, especially with financial decision-making, to design and build the lives we want.

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Clarke…this is a gem right here. And I have heard this before. Ronin Mode for me is the kind of mental dynamite that should be taught in secondary school on the continent. We have not given the younger generation the permission to experiment, make progress and not be perfect, to crash and burn and not be cowed by that. And of course, the 360-head swivel doesn't help as everyone acts like they got it all under control, when they don't. My goal is for folks to unshackle and just do them without the external BS.

To be continued.

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